Analysis and Measurement Services
Building B Corporate Interior Renovations

Area in Square Feet Building B 10,777

Reference: Dr. Hash. M. Hashemian Work: 865.691.1756

Scope of Services: Construction Documents for the implementation of Building B renovations of a 10,777 square foot office facility. The design includes 20 offices, 1 large conference/media room for 18 people, break area, reception area and supporting spaces. There is also an advanced technology electronics processing and testing laboratory for the company's "EMC" group of 3,000 sq. ft.

The building will also feature advanced retrofit insulation and new electrical and hvac systems, as well as a corporate interior design image.

The completion of Building B will nearly double the operating space available to the AMS Company, contributing significantly to their leadership in the global marketplace.

Interior Design services.

Construction Administration during the building phase.