Hillcrest Baptist Church
2011 VP Hall of Fame Award

2009 Construction Cost $828,420*
Cost per Square Foot $75.19
Area in Square Feet 11,018

Reference: Kevin Rogers Cell: 423.736.6736

Scope of Services: Initial Master Plan of the Site to determine maximum capacity of 3.8 acres of property for development. The Master Plan included two additional phases of buildings and parking.

Construction Documents for the implementation of the first phase including the site work. The first phase included a 6000 square foot multi-use room, 6 classrooms, future kitchen and support spaces.

Interior Design Services.

Construction Administration during the building phase.

* This figure is based on a bid submitted by George W. Reagan Co. This figure excludes kitchen equipment, furniture, site grading, site utilities, building permit fees and Architect & Engineer fees and sales tax. The design does not include a sprinkler system or outside air HVAC unit which is now required based on the 2006 International Building Code.