Ridgecrest Boy's Camp Chapel

2007 Construction Cost $450,000*
Cost per Square Foot $75.00
Area in Square Feet 3,000

Reference: Scott Luna Home: 502.859.1761

Scope of Services: Extensive site work to meet the Owner's request for very specific site placement relative to existing camp buildings, steep hillside site and solar angles.

Construction Drawings for the implementation of the building. The building contains a multi-purpose room for camp gatherings seating 300, bathroom facilities and an unfinished basement for storage.

* This figure is based on a bid submitted by Bobby Honeycutt, Contractor. The price includes a 3,000 square foot unfinished basement with a concrete slab. this figure excludes furniture, Architect & Engineer fees and sales tax. The design covered by this bid does not include a sprinkler system.