St. Mary's Catholic Church Youth Center

2007 Construction Cost $693,000*
Cost per Square Foot (main floor) $141.89
Area in Square Feet 4,079
Cost per Square Foot (basement) $28.00*
Area in Square Feet 4,079

Reference: Mark Eisenhauer Home: 865.425.0262

Scope of Services: Schematic Design of site to coordinate new facility with the existing parking and architectural character of existing campus and designed landscaping.

Construction Documents for the implementation of the building including the site work. This included a multi-use room, 5 classrooms/offices, kitchen and support spaces.

Interior Design Services.

Construction Administration during the building phase.

* This figure is based on a bid submitted by Christopoulos and Kennedy. This figure excludes kitchen equipment, furniture, Architect & Engineer fees, sales tax and does not require a sprinkler system based on the 2006 International Building Code.