Knoxville Christian School Academic Building
VP 2010 Hall of Fame Award

2008 Construction Cost $1,629,871*
Cost per Square Foot $109.80
Area in Square Feet 14,844

Reference: Jim Fox Cell: 865.405.3570

Scope of Services: Master Plan of the site to determine the long range plan for 49.79 acres of property for development and Schematic Design for Phase I (Academic Building) and Phase II (Gymnasium).

Construction Documents for the implementation of the Phase I and Phase II buildings including the site work. The Academic Building contains administration and guidance offices, clinic, media center, science lab, 4 classrooms, teacher workroom and multi-use room for food service and kitchen.

Construction administration during the building phase (Phase I).

Interior Design Services (Phase I).

* This figure is based on a bid submitted by George W. Reagan Co. This figure includes site utilities, paving for parking, sidewalks, and curbs. This figure excludes food service equipment, furniture, site grading and Architect & Engineer fees and sales tax.