The Villas of Wellsley Park

Reference: Frank (Rusty) Comer Cell: 865.389.0311

The Villas of Wellsley Park is an upscale gated residential community located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The site features 21 manicured lots on which potential residents may select from four distinct house plans from which to shape their custom homes. The exterior materials, windows and doors are very carefully controlled to maintain a unified, distinct and elegant street scape while allowing each Owner to personify their dwelling. The development is paired with the Estates of Wellsley Park, also an upscale gated community which shares its public amenities. The Villas of Wellsley Park are located near major highways, schools and shopping centers, and offer a breathtaking view of the nearby Smoky Mountains.

Scope of Services: Falconnier Design Co. worked with the Owner and Civil Engineer in the development design of the site, including the lot lines, access road, gate house, public areas, landscaping and utilities. Falconnier Design Co. serves as the exclusive architect for the individual residences.

Falconnier Design Co. was also instrumental in the development of the communities covenants and restrictions, as well as ongoing consulting for new construction.